The Coffee Gallery

The coffee museum is a place that brings together tradition, history, flavors and aromas. It is an experience of various sensations, from the cultivation of the bean to the consolidation of coffee as one of Ethiopia's national symbol. With permanent and temporary exhibitions, workshops, themed shop and fresh coffee from our own roastery.

Starting with the history of coffee in Ethiopia, the birth place of coffee, the exhibit acquaints you with not only the history, but the geography, botany as well as tradition and technological aspects of Coffee. From the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, to a vast collection of coffee samples and coffee brewing and processing equipment from all over the world that convey the variety that the coffee theme offers.

The museum also has an immersive curated tour, with exciting and engaging ways to capture your attention through observing the intricate process of our coffee production, from the hand sorting through roasting and coffee tasting. We offer our visitors coffee tasting experience in the form of traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony and an array of coffee beverages from our coffee bar.

Tour Packages

A curated tour about the coffee production process.

Learn the history of coffee starting from its discovery in Ethiopia to how it traveled the world and the interesting facts and stories about coffee in different countries.