Quality and Food Safety Policy

The executive employee at the Hadero Coffee Company is strongly committed to produce, provide, and export, safe and quality value-added Hadero roasted coffee beans and ground coffee. The company promotes creativity, innovational idea, initiative, and a spirit of employee work and integrity to full fill customer requirement and expectations. Likewise, Hadero adheres to quality and food safety management standards to the requirement of FSSC 22000 – Quality 9001 [QFS] and protocols of the international Specialty Coffee Association [SCA]. The company is committed to process specialty grade raw coffee beans that conform to applicable regulatory and statutory requirements, and to mutually agreed food safety and quality Interested parties.

Hadero always strives to ensure the involvement of the entire Hadero employee and its relevant stakeholders to implement and maintain systems at high levels of commitment. Hadero thus trains, develops, creates awareness, implements and maintains, continual improvements, by monitoring, measuring, evaluating, and validating for effective quality and food safety management system [QFS]. Adopted standards are regularly reviewed with the allocation and effective utilization of resources, updated in accordance with revised QFS requirements.

Furthermore, Hadero will maintain the provenance of the entire coffee roasting process in accordance with a Traceability System & Regulatory Requirement applied throughout the supply chain. Additionally, a process approach (PDCA - Plan, Do, Check and Act) and risk- based strategy is applied at all levels of production to consistently meet customers’ needs and expectations, to increase consumer confidence, and to improve the competitive position of the company.

This policy is communicated, understood, and implemented. It will be regularly reviewed, updated, and maintained, at all of Hadero’s production levels.

Benyam Bisrat
Chief Executive Officer