Our well trained and dedicated sorting teams work with
utmost diligence and passion to ensure that you get coffee
free of impurities. Our product is 100% defect free
At Hadero we roast coffee with love, care, and devotion. Our unique roast profile will transform the green ‘gold’ into an exquisite brew to give you energy and satisfaction.
Hadero roasts with state-of-the-art roasting machines of high production capacity.
Coffee grinding will affect the method of brewing. At Hadero, our grind allows for all brewing methods.
We are also happy to grind our coffee to meet your preference so that you will have the opportunity of brewing the best possible cup of coffee every time.
To keep our product fresh, healthy, and convenient for use, we use high quality food-grade aluminium foil packaging containing a degassing valve.
In a pursuit of producing hazard free product, Hadero Setup a Microbiology Lab to conduct different microbiological test results.
Our microbiologist continuously conducts different analysis to ensure that our product quality is maintained.Because your satisfaction is our top priority, we continuously monitor the quality of our coffee in our micro-biology laboratory to ensure the safety of our product.
Cupping Room
We have well designed and equipped cupping facility. Our best sample roasting and grinding machine, perfectly helping our experienced and SCA trained cupper.We cup and examine every coffee bean while purchasing, to make sure that we are offering you the best coffee, which, when roasted will have a perfect flavor and aroma every time.