Ethiopians call coffee 'Green Gold' and Hadero provides this treasure that is expertly crafted by our experienced roasters. This hadero exquisite Ethiopian blend is our tribute to the birth place of coffee and we are honoured to share it with you. Our brand name inspired from a small town located in southern Ethiopia called 'Hadero' and its dedicated smallholder coffee cultivators of the area.
Why coffee ?
Coffee is the most traded commodity in the world. And as it is in Ethiopia that the coffee bush has thrived since time began, it is no surprise that the drinking of coffee is central, in the day to day Ethiopian household.
We in Ethiopia know full well that the coffee bean must be well roasted, carefully ground, and expertly brewed, to bring out its flavours.

Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee continues to celebrate ownership through the traditional coffee ceremony, carried out in homes, in coffee shops, in hotels and restaurants, across the land. The centrality of coffee to the lives of Ethiopians means that Ethiopian coffee farmers become prime beneficiaries; this enables them to improve their livelihoods, sustainably.

Coffee passes from generation to generation as humankind strives to flourish and excel. It has been the driver behind the best innovative ideas in history. For Hadero, it is a privilege to be part of that history, Ethiopia’s precious gift to the world.

The Hadero team’s long experience in the hospitality sector, coupled with an aspiration to develop the Ethiopian coffee industry, has created a momentum for the establishment of the Hadero Coffee Company in 2018.

Hadero pioneered a vision to become Africa’s global coffee brand, based in Ethiopia, the heart of coffee world.

We will strive to keep on providing you, our customer, with premium and new coffee product offerings as we endeavor to broaden our coffee knowledge.

How we do it?
So as to provide the best coffee, we source only the best coffee bean in Ethiopia. We cup and examine every coffee bean while purchasing, to make sure that we are offering you the best coffee, which, when roasted will have a perfect flavour and aroma every time.

At Hadero we roast coffee with love, care, and devotion. Our unique roast profile will transform the green ‘gold’ into an exquisite brew to give you energy and satisfaction.

Because your satisfaction is our top priority, we continuously monitor the quality of our coffee in our micro-biology laboratory to ensure the safety of our product.