Why on Coffee? Coffee Arabic originated from Ethiopia and spread to the world. Hadero strongly believes that coffee should be celebrated for the contribution it has to our cultural, social and economic contributions. Coffee becomes our fabric to our social bond. Coffee has the power to bring people together in the good, and the not so good times. it is our prime export item, it is a source of earning for 25 million employees (including 5 million farmers and their family) and It put our mark on the world map. Thus, we should celebrate coffee.  The economic potential of coffee is very huge. Coffee is among the biggest commodities in the world. The global coffee industry worth more than 100 Billion USD. 3 Billion cups of coffee are consumed daily across the world.  Despite the origins of coffee being in Ethiopia, its economic benefits are insignificant compared to other producers in the global coffee market. Ethiopia's share from this market is only limited to $ 800 Million. The major reason for this disparity is a lack of value addition, research and development and innovation in the Ethiopian coffee industry. The effort of local companies that start working in value addition and coffee retails needs appreciation. But a lot to be done in this respect. 

Our coffee brand, hadero, is named after a small town in the southern part of Ethiopia in a region full of colorful people whose day-to-day existence relies on coffee cultivation.   Hader realizes that coffee provides numerous opportunities for the Ethiopian economy. Coffee never stops endowing Ethiopia with endless offerings. Hadero uses coffee as an imputes to develop coffee driven business. Hadero believes that the time comes to develop the coffee industry through research and development, technology adoption and innovation on our unique Arabica coffee.  To this end hadero will work on:

Enhancing Coffee Experience and Knowledge: Though Ethiopia is the origin of coffee, we are not kept in pace with the developed global coffee knowledge. Hadero will work to enhance coffee knowledge among Ethiopians. In addition to this through its coffee shops, hadero will create the 3rd place for the customer where creativity, innovation, and socialization prevail. We believe that this 3rd place will be a landmark where the next big idea is generated. 

Delivering Best Quality Coffee Product: Through our state of the art coffee roasting plant, we will supply the best quality coffee products. We will continuously innovate and develop our coffee products to exceed our customer expectations and respond with changing customer preferences.

Coffee Tourism:  Ethiopia is the land of origins including coffee. Coffee is a universal and very interesting product that most people interesting to visit and experience. To this end, hadero will have a coffee gallery/museum that will focus on coffee.  

Job Creation: The green coffee sector provides a livelihood for millions of Ethiopia. In the same token Hadero plan to become among the highest employer in the value addition and the coffee shop businesses.  

Women Empowerment: The role of women in the coffee sector is very fundamental. Women constitute the majority of the task force to engage in the coffee industry. Hadero decided to pay tribute for the woman’s contribution and plan to give priority for the women team in its coffee driven business. 

Research and Development: One of the drawbacks of the coffee industry is the lack of research and development in the sector. Hadero will collaborate with a local and international researcher to undertake different researches in relation to Ethiopian coffee. 

hadero will produce a different publication on coffee. The publication aimed at enhancing knowledge of Ethiopian coffee.

Corporate Social Obligation: Hadero will work on supporting the coffee farms and their families through the provision of different social services (Schools, Health center and others). Moreover, hadero will construct a coffee washing station and supporting the farms to add value to their green bean to increase their income. 

Learning and Development: Hader will open up a barista training facility whereby an international barista will be invited to provide training on coffee brewing. Moreover, the basics of coffee training will be providing for F&B Manager in the hotel. 

Economic Development: Coffee is Ethiopia’s prime export commodity. But the value-added export only consists of 1% of the total coffee export.  Besides generating higher forex, value-added coffee creates a local job and related business opportunities. Thus, hadero will export value-added coffee products and generate more forex from coffee. 

African Integration and Cooperation: Hadero wants to capitalize on the initiative to strength Inter African trade. Hadero will work on to enhance the inter African trade through value addition and chocolate processing.