Ethiopia the land of origins, the cradle of mankind is also the birthplace of coffee. The highlands situated in the southwestern region of Ethiopia is believed to be the origin of the Arabica coffee. Most studies affirm that it is here that the wild coffee bush originally grew in the forests that covered the land. Over time the bush eventually spread, carried, and dispersed by birds eating the juicy coffee berries. It is also believed that adventurers and local traders who visited the area may well have taken coffee berries to other parts of the country.

Arabica coffee was found in the forests, growing under the canopy, as a wild bush. Legends tell the tale of Kaldi, an Ethiopian goatherd living in the southwestern forests some one thousand years ago. Kaldi noticed how frisky his goats became when eating berries off the forest floor. He plucked a few red berries off coffee bushes in the forest and tasted them to check whether these berries were indeed the source of his goats’ excitement.

Coffee Bean was believed to be explored back in 900 A.D in the southwestern part of Ethiopia. Ethiopia, a country where coffee still grows wild in a forest abundantly. This is one way of proving the country is, the land of coffee origin.

The diverse coffee culture practiced in four directions of Ethiopia undeniably be the result of owning the coffee bean for centuries. For the society apart from a drink, it has medicinal values, they utilize coffee beyond a day to day drink.