About Us

Coffee company Hadero was established in January of 2018. A purpose-built roastery was designed and built, following a detailed assessment and research into the coffee business in Ethiopia and on the continent. Hadero is a subsidiary of Jupiter Hospitality Holdings (JHH). Jupiter Hospitality Holdings has had twelve years of experience in the hospitality and services sector.

Hadero is primarily engaged in coffee roasting and grinding and is developing a chain of retail outlets. At the roastery in Addis Ababa, a coffee museum/gallery has been curated in order to teach the public about the business of coffee in Ethiopia. In time, the Hadero brand will include a ‘3C’ product portfolio – coffee, cake, and chocolate. The journey for coffee and cake is well started and for chocolate, it is in progress with the construction of a processing plant in the planning.

The name ‘Hadero’ is derived from a small village in the southern part of Ethiopia which grows high quality coffee. The company plans to leverage corporate social responsibility by sourcing coffee from the area and thereby helping to uplift the surrounding community. Hadero has opened its first in a chain of retail coffee shops at the Jupiter International Hotel, Cazanchise and a processing plant at Jackross, Addis Ababa has been launched. The 1,000 square meter site combines coffee roasting, grinding, and packaging, and acts as the Hadero headquarters. The concept underpinning the development at Jackross is a coffee innovation hub. To this end, a curated coffee gallery cum museum has been added. Hadero’s mission is to nurture a unique culture whose guiding principle is to focus on leveraging innovation and technology, creative design, quality assurance, learning, research, and development.

Organic tastes, renewed energies!



We are committed to deliver Exquisite Coffee Experience through offerings of a High-Quality Product with Exceptional Customer Care.


As a Pan-African Coffee Solution Company, Our vision is to become Africa’s Global Coffee Brand.


We Believe we can Transform the Ethiopian Value Added Coffee Industry through Learning & Development, Continuous Product Innovation, and Technology.

Our Core Values


Equal Oportunity

All team members should be treated similarly.

Cultured Environment

Culture is what we do and say, the way we behave, the way we treat each other.

Grooming Standard

It affects all of us especially our Guests. That makes it Mandatory, not Optional.

Learning Organization

We facilitate the learning of our team members and continuously grow ourselves.

Empower and Reward

We have created a supportive environment that empowers and rewards.


We will work to create wealth to hadero team through team member investment program.



Enhancing coffee experience and knowledge

Though Ethiopia is the origin of coffee, we are not kept in pace with the developed global coffee knowledge. Hadero will work to enhance coffee knowledge among Ethiopians. In addition to this through its coffee shops hadero will create a place for customer where creativity, innovation and socialization prevail.

Delivering best quality coffee product

Through our state of the art coffee roasting plant, we will supply best quality coffee products. We will continuously innovate and develop our coffee products to exceed our customer expectation and respond with changing customer preference.

Job creation

The green coffee sector provides a livelihood for millions of Ethiopia. In the same token, Hadero plan to become among the highest employer in the value addition and the coffee shop businesses.

Empowering women

The role of women for the coffee sector is very fundamental. Women constitute the majority of the task force engage in coffee industry. Hadero decided to pay tribute for the woman’ contribution and plan to give priority for women team in this coffee driven business.

Research and development

One of the drawbacks of coffee industry is lack of research and development in the sector. Hadero will collaborate with local and international researchers to undertake different researches in relation with Ethiopian coffee.

Economic development

Coffee is Ethiopia’s prime export commodity. But the value added export only consist of 1% of the total coffee export. Besides generating higher forex, value added coffee creates local job and related business opportunities. Thus, hadero will export value added coffee products and generate more forex from coffee.


hadero will produce different publication on coffee. The publication aimed at enhancing knowledge on Ethiopian coffee.

Corporate social obligation

Hadero will work on supporting the coffee farms and their family through provision of different social services (Schools, Health centre and others).

Learning and Development

Hadero will open up barista training facility whereby international barista will be invited to provide training on coffee brewing.